Qumulo Launches Cloud Now Program; Gives Cloud Builders One Free Petabyte of Storage

Qumulo Launches Cloud Now Program; Gives Cloud Builders One Free Petabyte of Storage

Despite 15 plus years as a destination for business workloads, cloud remains a new frontier for most organizations. Including the cloud as part of an IT infrastructure plan introduces new challenges and many organizations continue to be cautious with their cloud adoption.

The COVID shift of office workers to home caused many organizations to turn to cloud for burst capacity. In the last six months, more than 40% of organizations are using the cloud as a way to circumvent supply chain delays. As a result, spending on cloud has increased dramatically. Cloud revenues are expected to grow by 20.7% CAGR from 2020 to 2025 according to Gartner as organizations find the right workloads to run on those platforms.

On April 25th Qumulo announced the new “Cloud Now” program to provide a no-cost, low risk, and rapid solution for customers looking to move their workloads to the cloud and avoid supply chain constraints. The Cloud Now program provides Free cloud software and underlying storage, and a white glove onboarding experience. This offer is available for Qumulo Cloud Q across the three major supported public clouds for customers to build proofs of concept at scales up to one petabyte. Cloud Now allows customers to find the right workloads for the cloud and test their workloads faster without paying for software licensing and cloud infrastructure costs on AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

Building your data platform can be complex and the current challenges with supply chains make acquiring hardware to build even harder. Between the rapid growth of unstructured data, ever-increasing storage capacity requirements, and stringent budgets, IT departments are running into a data center problem – capital expenditures and lack of scalability are a roadblock to innovation and becoming more difficult to justify. These delays impact end users and businesses as projects are put on hold while waiting for infrastructure to be delivered.

Enterprises worldwide want to move their data and applications to the cloud but for many, the question becomes how do you get there quickly and will the results be worth the risk? The Cloud Now program offers free Qumulo software licensing, free cloud infrastructure capacity, and a white glove onboarding for proof of concepts up to one petabyte, dramatically reducing project risk. And the Qumulo Multi-Cloud file data platform provides multiple benefits to customers in the cloud, such as:

Cloud of choice, and multi cloud: Qumulo offers a multi-cloud file data platform to meet business”s needs, enabling customers to choose dozens of hardware platforms for private cloud deployment or cloud infrastructure from any of the three major public clouds (AWS, Azure, and GCP). Qumulo Cloud users get to run a high-performance file system on the cloud of their choice.

Massive scale to meet your capacity needs: Customers can store and manage as much or as little file data in the cloud as they choose – no need to worry about data minimums or caps. A great example of this is our managed service on Microsoft Azure, Qumulo-as-a-Service on Azure. Azure”s native file capacity is 100 TB, and Qumulo can scale from 20 GB to 20 PB and anything in between. Whatever your cloud data needs are today or in the future, choosing Qumulo as your cloud file data platform means there is no limit to what you can do in the cloud.

Fast start with free infrastructure: Eliminate the hassle of hardware acquisition along with software and infrastructure costs up to one petabyte of capacity. Many customers turn proof of concepts into production workloads, giving you the ability to real world test your workloads in the cloud free of charge with industry leading customer support all the way.

Defensive layer for disaster recovery: The Qumulo Recover Q solution allows customers to create a backup and disaster recovery second-site in the cloud. With backups of your most sensitive data away from the data center, you can have peace of mind in the case of ransomware or a natural disaster compromising your primary site.

Qumulo is with you all the way: Qumulo customers can feel secure about starting their cloud journey. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way and we have built strategic relationships with top data migration partners and the leading cloud infrastructure providers to help ease your transition to the cloud.

To learn more about how Qumulo is helping enterprises manage massive amounts of data across the world, contact us today. We at Qumulo hope to empower your mission – whatever it may be.

Qumulo is the breakthrough leader in simplifying data management in its native file form at a massive scale across hybrid-cloud environments. Its high-performance file data platform is designed to store, manage and create workflows and applications with data in its native file form at massive scale on prem and in the public cloud. Qumulo is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major film and animation studios, and some of the largest research facilities in the world to easily manage the full data lifecycle from ingestion, transformation, publishing and archiving with cost-effective capacity, dynamic scalability, automatic encryption, real-time visibility and an advanced API that enables customers to easily integrate Qumulo into their ecosystem and workflows. www.qumulo.com