Quanos Content Solutions and plusmeta Enter Technology Partnership

Jointly developed add-on for SCHEMA ST4 uses AI for metadata assignment

Quanos Content Solutions GmbH, a leading provider of software for technical documentation, has entered a technology partnership with plusmeta GmbH, a pioneer of artificial intelligence in the field of technical documentation. It is a collaboration that has resulted in ST4 AI Cube, an artificial intelligence system for SCHEMA ST4, which makes automatic suggestions for metadata assignment.

ST4 AI Cube is a cloud-based solution that integrates the artificial intelligence of the plusmeta platform directly into the SCHEMA ST4 environment via a plug-in. AI Cube uses this artificial intelligence to analyze content and then generates the associated metadata automatically.

In just a few clicks, SCHEMA ST4 users can thereby generate metadata automatically using AI – even for a very large number of information modules. On the plusmeta platform, metadata can be edited manually if necessary before being reimported to ST4 automatically. Thanks to ST4 AI Cube, metadata assignment is up to 80% faster and significantly less prone to errors.

“SCHEMA ST4 marks the first time that a market-leading CCMS is using the plusmeta GmbH artificial intelligence system to create added value for its own customers by means of automation,” says Jan Oevermann, Managing Director of plusmeta GmbH. “We are proud of the recognition that our solution is receiving and the trust that Quanos has shown to place it on the market as a plusmeta reseller.”

Sebastian Göttel, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Quanos, adds: “The use of artificial intelligence makes our customers fit to face the latest digital challenges. The technology partnership with plusmeta therefore provides Quanos with an excellent opportunity to open up new and exciting automation options in the field of technical documentation.”

Further information: https://www.quanos-content-solutions.com/software/st4-ai-cube

Quanos Content Solutions was founded under the name SCHEMA in Nuremberg in 1995 and manufactures professional software for technical writing and marketing departments. Software solutions from Quanos Content Solutions help companies to create, manage, translate, and publish smart product information – from printed technical documentation right through to a digital knowledge base.

The popular SCHEMA ST4 component content management system is a staple of any well-equipped technical writing department and SCHEMA CDS, an additional product, provides smart access to smart information. Quanos Content Solutions software is being used in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive sector, information technology, electronics, medical technology, and the pharmaceutical industry.

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As part of the Quanos Group, Quanos Content Solutions and Quanos Service Solutions have a lot in common, namely their aim of helping people to understand machines and their passion for smart information.

plusmeta has set itself the goal of making technical information in companies more intelligent

through cloud-based software. To achieve this, we rely on applied research and state-of-the-art

technologies to support our industrial customers in their digitization processes. Our products

analyze complex content using artificial intelligence and automatically generate metadata and

semantic structures. This enables modern applications that rely on an intelligent database, such as

digital assistants in service, Industry 4.0 applications, content delivery portals or enterprise portals.

But also for modern exchange formats like iiRDS or VDI 2770, your content is ready in no time.