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Dohrnii launches a new cryptocurrency to democratize the trading industry

The swiss-based non-profit organization Dohrnii Foundation has recently announced its ground-breaking financial ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading. The project is focusing on cryptocurrency trading and introduces advanced AI trading tools coupled with blockchain technology as well as a trading academy.

Existing crypto trading platforms are easy to use, do not require much setup and everyone can easily start investing in the matter of minutes. They provide you with the latest news about the markets, advanced statistics and historic price movements about the coins. Seems like this is enough for you to trade efficiently – after all, what more can you want?

Turns out there are many other functionalities traders could have access to, but, sadly, they don’t. One example are price signals giving predictions about potential price developments of stocks and coins. However, while there are some tools being advertised for doing this, they are scarcely available and are rarely reliable enough to provide traders with the information they need to place profitable orders continuously. A wide variety of analysis tools would also prove very beneficial to traders – such tools can design and test theories about future price movements and spot causal relationships between market factors that reliably indicate a shift before it occurs.

In fact, advanced trading software that enables deep insight has been available for a long time, but only to a handful of companies. This software is able to analyze large volumes of data, test historic patterns and come up with exact price predictions and portfolio adjustment suggestions – up to the point where the human factor becomes almost obsolete. There wasn”t such software available to the average trader – until now.

This is where Dohrnii steps in. The project creates the first ecosystem combining a trading academy and complex trading analysis tools for the cryptocurrency market.

Dohrnii is the first trading analysis platform that brings the most advanced technological solutions in the investing landscape to the individual traders below the top 1%. What is more, the project introduces blockchain into the equation, becoming a pioneer in bridging the gap between AI, Machine Learning and distributed ledgers in the trading ecosystem.

The Dohrnii project further delivers trading education material to its users in a structured and personalized manner. One of the current problems for new traders is the abundance of information online that is not tailored to their knowledge, ultimately resulting in a confusing bulk of various sources traders have to choose among. Dohrnii solves the paradox of informational overflow by evaluating the trader first and then delivering a complete educational journey aimed at building the necessary skills consecutively over time that is tailored to their current experience. The traders are rewarded with DHN tokens for completing the quiz after each lesson successfully, providing an additional incentive for them to test and improve their knowledge.

Dohrnii is focused on providing an improved trading experience to its users for the long term – the platform analyzes the trader”s actions individually and provides improvement suggestions to their existing portfolio based through the first Robo advisor for the cryptocurrency market.

It seems that traders might finally have the potential to escape from the harsh statistic of negative financial performance across the board, with over 95% of them eventually ending up with a negative result in their long-term trading efforts.

Dohrnii is launching soon. Keep yourself updated on the project”s progress by following it on social media and watch this space for more updates from them: